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3S Gaskets

3S manufactures and stocks superior quality semi-metallic gaskets at their Houston facility, and by utilizing the latest technology in equipment, they provide a higher level of service from quoting to shipping.

With a leadership team that has over 100 years of experience in the industry, along with a sister company producing their standard spiral wound gaskets, 3S provides a new standard in quality and in service.

All of their materials are fully traceable including wire, sheet and bar; therefore, all gaskets are etched with the material heat number on the rings. Customers are able to retrieve their MTR’s at any moment from their website. This fully traceable element along with the use of 98% purity inhibited graphite as standard offers a higher quality product into the market place.

Colorado Seals is Colorado’s Premier 3S Provider

  • Ask about our 3S gasket and stud bolt programs
  • At Colorado Seals, all of the 3S Gaskets we use provide better sealing with less bolt load
  • Colorado Seals carries all 3S Kammprofile, spiralwound, heat exchanger and HF acid gaskets
  • Colorado Seals carries all 3S non-asbestos and teflon gaskets
  • Ask about our Engineered Gasket Solutions

Non-Metallic Gaskets

Elastomeric and Fiber Sheet, Compressed Non-Asbestos Sheet, Virgin / Glass-Filled / Reprocessed PTFE Sheet, Biaxially Orientated (Filled) PTFE Sheet, Expanded PTFE Sheet, EPTFE Joint Sealant, PTFE Envelope Gaskets, Flexible Graphite Sheet, Ceramic Fiber, Mica Sheet

Metal-Jacketed Gaskets

Double-jacketed gaskets are probably the most commonly used style of gaskets in heat exchanger applications. Available in virtually any material that is commercially available in 26-gauge sheet. They are also extensively used in standard flanges where the service is not critical. Since most double-jacketed gaskets are custom made, there is virtually no limit to size, shape or configuration in which these gaskets can be made.

Spiralwound Gaskets


A winding is made of alternate plies of a metal wire and a soft non-metallic filler. The metal wire in the gasket is preformed into a “chevron” configuration, allowing superior resiliency and self-adjustment when compared to conventional gaskets. The Style S is just a sealing component (winding) only, which is normally used on tongue and groove joints, male and female facings and groove to flat flange facings.


Style GS gaskets consist of a winding with a solid metal outer guide ring. These gaskets can be used on plain flat face flanges and on raised face flanges. The outer guide ring serves to center the gasket properly in the flange joint, acts as an anti-blowout device, provides radial support for the spiralwound components, and acts as a compression gauge to prevent the spiralwound component from being crushed. Normally the outer guide rings are furnished in mild steel, but can be supplied in other metal when required by operating conditions.


Style GSI is identical to style GS, with the addition of an inner ring. The inner ring also serves several functions. Primarily, it provides radial support for the gasket on the I.D. to help prevent the occurrences of buckling or imploding. Its I.D. is normally sized slightly larger than the I.D. of the flange bore, minimizing turbulence in process flow. The inner rings are normally supplied in the same material as the spiral wound component. 3S normally manufactures standard Style GS and GSI spiral wound gaskets to ASME B16.20, designed to suit ASME B16.5 and ASME B16.47 flanges.

Kammprofile Gaskets


Kammpro style KP1 is manufactured without a guide ring for tongue and groove, or recessed flange applications such as Male and Female. It is typically used in heat exchanger applications and applied as an upgrade to double jacketed gaskets especially when lower load is needed. It is highly suggested to have the nubbin (if present) machined out when applying Kammpro LP1 in heat exchanger applications.


Kammpro style KP2 is constructed with an integral guide ring for aligning purposes. It is suggested to be used in raised face flanges. The sealing core is designed and sized per EN-12560-6 spec and depending on the flange specification the guide ring is sized to fit properly.


Kammpro style KP3 utilizes a loose fitting guide ring. This popular design is preferred to be used for nominal pipe size and pressure class raised face flanges and is used in equipment with excessive radial shear characteristics, thermal cycling, and expansions. The sealing core is designed per EN-12560-6 spec and the guide ring is sized to suit the flange specification.

Max Temperature rated up to 1500° F.

RTJ Gaskets


API ring Joint gaskets come in two basic types, an oval cross section (Style 377) and an octagonal cross section (Style 388). These basic shapes are used in pressures up to 10,000 psi. The dimensions are standardized and require specially grooved flanges. The octagonal cross section has a higher sealing efficiency than the oval and would be the preferred gasket. However, only the oval cross section can be used in the old type round bottom groove. The newer flat bottom groove design will accept either the oval or the octagonal cross section. The sealing surfaces on the ring joint grooves must be smoothly finished to 63 micro inches and to be free of objectionable ridges, tool or chatter marks. They seal by an initial line contact or a edging action as the compressive forces are applied. The hardness of the ring should always be less than the hardness of the flanges to prevent flange deformation. Dimensions for API ring joint gaskets and grooves are covered in ASME B16.20 and API6A. 3S stocks a wide range of sizes and materials ready for immediate shipment from R11 to R105. Stock materials include large variety of metals.

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