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  • Shaft Alignment

    Shaft Alignment

    Pump arrangements, or most systems that include a motor, have two main components: the driver (motor) and the driven equipment (pump). The driving power of the motor is transmitted to the pump through the shaft. In some cases, the motor and pump are close-coupled but in other situations a coupling is preferred to accommodate a […]

  • Heat Check

    Heat check occurs on hard faces in a mechanical seal and can cause seal failure. Heat check is not one of the most common forms of seal failure but it is important to recognize because it will tell you a lot about what is happening inside the seal.  Heat check is very recognizable, it shows up as […]

  • Mixer Mechanical Seals

    Mixer seals are critical for pharmaceutical, chemical, and food process plants. These are highly engineered seals designed to keep contaminants from entering the process fluid and keep the process fluid from reaching the environment. A leak in the process fluid or contamination can result in a batch of product being ruined, which can be extremely […]

  • Centrifugal Pump & Mechanical Seal Training

    During my current 1 ½ year sales and service efforts in the Farmington, Four Corners area, I have re-confirmed the importance of proper understanding of the Centrifugal Pump and Mechanical Seals. Results of previous surveys from users in the Fluid Moving industries and from my current visits with customers, confirm the following; Seal Failures of […]

  • Slurry Seals

    Flush-less Slurry Seal Applications I have been involved with mechanically sealing slurry seal applications for the past 20+ years. It was somewhat of a mystery, in the beginning, to seal a slurry. Do you use a typical pusher or metal bellows seal with an outside flush? Do you use a conventional mechanical seal if the […]