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  • Shaft Alignment

    Shaft Alignment

    Pump arrangements, or most systems that include a motor, have two main components: the driver (motor) and the driven equipment (pump). The driving power of the motor is transmitted to the pump through the shaft. In some cases, the motor and pump are close-coupled but in other situations a coupling is preferred to accommodate a […]

  • API Plan 23

    We have many customers that operate equipment in demanding services that need to cool a single mechanical seal. There are several options available. API 21 and 23 are the most popular and reliable. A seal chamber cooling jacket can also be used, especially with hot water, if it is available. If it is not, my […]

  • Heat Check

    Heat check occurs on hard faces in a mechanical seal and can cause seal failure. Heat check is not one of the most common forms of seal failure but it is important to recognize because it will tell you a lot about what is happening inside the seal.  Heat check is very recognizable, it shows up as […]