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Centrifugal Pump & Mechanical Seal Training

During my current 1 ½ year sales and service efforts in the Farmington, Four Corners area, I have re-confirmed the importance of proper understanding of the Centrifugal Pump and Mechanical Seals.

Results of previous surveys from users in the Fluid Moving industries and from my current visits with customers, confirm the following;

  • Seal Failures of the most common reason why pumps are taken “off line”
  • Most common reason for Seal Failures is Operational Issues

Some Examples Include;

  1. Start up Procedures
  2. Operating Pumps off of the BEP
  3. Improper use of the Mechanical Seal Piping Plan

As a part of our services to our user customers, CSI offers a full, 8 hour course that covers the basics of Centrifugal Pumps and Mechanical Seals.  (see the attached bulletin).  The course is focused on improving the MTBF of Centrifugal Pumps and mechanically sealed rotating equipment.

The operation of our Acrylic Pump is an intricate part of the course, as it offers visualization of a centrifugal pump operating in various modes, to include Cavitation.

Segments of the course are also available for 1 to hour mini course discussions on pre-selected topics.  This option has been very well accepted.

The many years of field experience in the Mechanical Seal field by the presentors assures quality discussions during our “open forum” courses

A list of the various subjects included in the course is available.



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