Inpro/Seal is a globally recognized leader in the manufacture and design of permanent bearing protection and complete shaft seals for rotating equipment. Inpro/Seal invented the original Bearing Isolator in 1977 and has maintained a leadership position in the niche markets they serve. Colorado Seals Inc is Colorado’s preferred Inpro Seal supplier. Colorado Seals Inc carries Air Mizer, Air Mizer-PS, Air Mizer Zero Maintenance, Motor Isolators, Motor Grounding Seals, Pillow Block Isolators, Pump Isolators, Sleeve Bearing Motor Seals, Steam Turbine Isolators, STS Flooded Seals and more. Colorado Seals Inc has the experience and the inventory necessary to handle all of your Inpro/Seal needs.

Colorado Seals Inc is Colorado’s Premier Inpro/Seal Provider

  • Colorado Seals Inc carries all Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolators
  • Colorado Seals Inc carries all Inpro/Seal Air Mizor and Pillow Block Isolators
  • Colorado seals Inc carries all Inpro/Seal Gear Box and Steam Turbine Seals
  • Colorado Seals Inc carries all Inpro/Seal Motor Grounding seals for stray current corrosion.
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DS-4614-F synthetic fluids are long-life food grade lubricants specially processed for use as barrier and bugger fluids for mechanical seals on rotating equipment requiring excellent chemical stability and compatibility.

Typical Applications

  • Barrier/buffer fluids for high and low temperature doubles and tandem mechanical seal systems.
  • Dura Circulators and rotary screw process gas compressors (grade 32-F only).

VB45S/ VB45U

Flowserve Gaspac dry gas seals incorporate non contacting lift-off technology to provide low breakaway torque and reliable performance under all operating conditions.

Standard Features

  • Shaft sleeve centering
  • Spring centering device
  • O-rings for centering


Split Pillowblock Bearing Isolator

Specifically designed for multiple chemical exposure services and ideally suited for intermediate and batch chemical processes, the GCX is perfect for short run chemical plants, multiple campaign specialty chemical and pharmaceutical plants using solvents and steam for decontamination.


  • Flexible Graphite foil secondary seals
  • High alloy bellows
  • Stationary bellows design

Gearbox Seal

The seals designed specifically to provide superior reliability in high head, low flow equipment.

Standard Features

  • Successful operation up to 1250 psi (8619 kPa) in flashing hydrocarbons
  • No measurable face wear or worn taper
  • Minimal emmisions


Air Mizer

ISC seals are designed for general purpose applications on ANSI and DIN process pumps serving chemical processing, pulp and paper, oil and refining, food and beverage, water and wastewater, and other industries.


  • Robust silicon carbide and carbon face cross sections for increased reliability
  • Silicon carbide mating rings are held in compression and are protected for reliable equipment start-up


Innovative Standard Cartridge seal designed for ANSI and general purpose applications with maximum interchangeability between designs

This ISC seal is a cartridge mounted mechanical seal, designed for ease
of installation and reliable operation. No seal setting dimensions are
required. Removable setting devices provide proper alignment.


Sentinel Brush Seal

A cartridge multiple dynamic lip seal design for highly viscous applications in positive displacement and progressive cavity pumps. Designed to run dry without the need for an external flush or lubricating barrier fluid which can contaminate or dilute the process media.


  • Preset cartridge helps to eliminate seal setting errors
  • Triple lip design effectively seals process from atmosphere
  • Lip material designed for long dry running operation

Steam Turbine Seal

The next generation of split seal technology combining ease of installation and improved process containment. The PSS III is ideal for installations striving to increase production capacity through reduced equipment down time.

Standard Features

  • No need to completely dismantle the pump andprimary driver for seal installation.
  • Easy installation with minimal effort due to theunitized component, semi-cartridge design.