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CSI Seal Repair

All seal repairs completed to like-new condition.

Our repair shop accommodates all manufacture seal types and sizes (including bearing isolators). All seals sent in for repair are disassembled, inspected, parts repaired/replaced as needed, rebuilt and tested. All seals must pass a 10-minute air test at 40psi before being returned to customer. Thorough seal failure analyses with photos available upon request.

CSI Pump & Seal Fundamentals Training

Learn rotating equipment (seal & pump) operation principles and current techniques to increase mean time between repair.

We consider training as an integral part of every mechanical seal sale. In keeping with that philosophy, our trainings are presented in ½-day “lunch-and-learns” (up to four hours), or full-day seminars. The ½-day includes a condensed version of the full-day course and manual, up to two trainers, seal samples, product videos, our acrylic pump video, and lunch. The full-day course includes an expanded manual and covers the same topics as the ½-day but in greater detail. Up to three trainers and a fully operational acrylic pump will be utilized in-person for these presentations. Training sessions can be completed on or off-site.

Flowserve is the recognized world leader in supplying pumps, valves, seals, automation, and services to the power, oil, gas, chemical, and other industries. With more than 16,000 employees in more than 50 countries, Flowserve combines their global reach with a local presence. Colorado Seals Incorporated is Colorado’s premier provider of mechanical seals and parts for Flowserve Products! You are the best at what you do, and you need a company you can rely on for the productivity and safety of your team! Call Colorado Seals Incorporated today and allow us to handle all of your Flowserve product needs!

Flowserve Products

Inpro/Seal is the world leader in the design and manufacture of permanent bearing protection and complete shaft seals for rotating equipment. Since inventing the original Bearing Isolator in 1977 Inpro/Seal has maintained a leadership position in the niche markets they serve. Colorado Seals, Inc. is Colorado’s premier Inpro/Seal provider and Colorado Seals can handle all of your Inpro/Seal needs. The Inpro/Seal technicians at Colorado Seals, Inc. have the experience necessary to make sure the job is handled right the first time, every time!

Inpro/Seal Products

Lamons is one of the largest suppliers of gasket and bolt in the world. Lamons has always been committed to quality and local service. Lamons maintains many international manufacturing facilities including those in China, the Netherlands, India, Brazil, Thailand. Colorado Seals, Inc. utilizes Lamons many US manufacturing facilities to ensure quick, consistent lead times with the ability for expedited products. Colorado Seals, Inc. is Colorado’s premier Lamons gasket and bolt provider. Partnering with Lamons, we have the experience necessary to keep your companies equipment working safely and effectively. Call Colorado Seals, Inc. today and let us, alongside Lamons, be your gasket solution!

Lamons Products

Uniguard Machine Guards manufactures machine guarding solutions including vertical belt machine guards, horizontal belt machine guards, machine guards with a clear polycarbonate inspection window, OSHA-compliant polyethylene guards, nonmetallic adjustable-width machine guards, and ANSI/OSHA-compliant nonmetallic pump guards. Innovative and customizable, Uniguard Machine Guards are designed for easey installation with a strict performance guarantee. These guards cannot rust, are not affected by UV rays, and can be used in chemical environments. Get in touch with the local Uniguard guys and your partners in reliability, Colorado Seals, Inc.!

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Pinnacle-Flo, Inc. proudly offers pump product lines ranging from ANSI process pumps & parts, air-operated diaphragm, self-priming, and centrifugal mud pumps to their own line of inexpensive mechanical seals. They continuously manage their costs to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. With decades of experience in the industry, they manufacture products in accordance with higher standards and ethical codes to ensure the highest quality while meeting the strictest customer demand. They are constantly updating and adapting their manufacturing technology to offer an elite product; every step has been streamlined to guarantee top quality at peak efficiency. Contact Colorado Seals, Inc. today to acquaint yourself with Pinnacle-Flo, Inc.’s top-notch products.

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JDA Global is a cutting-edge pump holding company that serves the fluid transfer industry worldwide. They also serve as a chief globalization officer and consultant linking USA distributors to low cost, high quality, Asian pump manufacturers. They proudly manufacture after-market diaphragm pumps & parts as well as genuine OEM products. Their deeply embedded supply chain relationships allow them to offer quick lead times and shared savings. Colorado Seals, Inc. is Colorado’s premier JDA Global pump, JDA Global seal, and JDA Global parts supplier. You are busy running your business, allow Colorado Seals, Inc. to handle all of your JDA Global product needs!

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ThermoTech is the local, premier supplier of elastomeric and metal pipe connectors, expansion joints, and industrial hoses engineered to protect your piping system from vibration as well as thermal expansion and contraction. ThermoTech is a Denver based company with the ability to custom fabricate to engineered requirements. Colorado Seals, Inc. is Colorado’s premier ThermoTech supplier. Please contact Colorado Seals, Inc. today for all of your pipe, joint, and hose needs!

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The Aloma Shim and Manufacturing Company is your one-stop source for pre-cut and custom precision fabricated shims. They opened to the public in 1982; today, the Aloma Shim and Manufacturing Company employs skilled personnel who operate a 72,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania. Aloma Shim and Manufacturing actively deploys their Quality Assurance Program throughout their manufacturing processes as a registered ISO 9001:2008 company to ensure continual process improvement and to maintain the realization that the materials utilized and the products produced, are leading the industry standard. Through innovation, commitment, and focus on quality and customer service, Aloma Shim and Manufacturing continues to achieve the highest ratings from a valuable and loyal customer base. Colorado Seals, Inc. is proud to offer Aloma Shim and Manufacturing’s precise shim products. Contact us today!

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AccroSeal offers a wide range of machining, stamping, and custom lubrication solutions by combining a broad material portfolio with advanced manufacturing technologies and a constant dedication to customer satisfaction. This is especially evident where new materials, problem solving, and unique manufacturing processes are required. AccroSeal manufactures all types of custom plastic components, including seals, bearings, bushings, rings, and gaskets from AccrolonTM materials as well as most standard and mil-spec materials. Also, they manufacture products consisting of base materials such as PTFE, PEEK, Delrin®, Nylon, UHMW, PET, and other engineered plastics, many of which can be blended with fillers such as glass, carbon, graphite, mineral, and stainless steel for enhanced performance. AccroSealTM also provides a large portfolio of AccrolubeTM specialty lubricants, including many that are PTFE fortified to extend mating component life.

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PECOFacet, filtration solutions for a changing world. Today’s industrial environment requires more than just managing day-to-day filter changes. There is an urgency to address complex contaminant management issues that interconnect us all. Smart companies leverage partnerships that synergize with overall corporate sustainability; PECOFacet is one of these companies. With over 75 years of industry knowledge, engineering vision, ongoing research, and a vast network of resources, PECOFacet continually produces innovative contaminant management solutions for an ever changing industrial landscape and an environmentally conscious world. Colorado Seals, Inc. is Colorado’s most trusted PECOFacet supplier. Colorado Seals, Inc. is also Colorado’s most trusted supplier of Facet dry gas cartridges, filter separator gas cartridges, PEACH depth liquid cartridges, meltblown liquid cartridges, resin bonded liquid cartridges and more. Call Colorado Seals, Inc. today for all of your PECOFacet needs!

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Colorado Seals, Inc. has access to all brands, makes, and models of mechanical seals. Small, component seals to large gas seals are no sweat. With new suppliers, we are also able to provide seals for less common pumps including (but not limited to) Godwin, Flygt, and Grindex.